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New born Passport Bangalore

We Just applied for my daughters passport in Bangalore under Tatkal. Listed below are the set of procedures to be followed.

Hope this post will be beneficial for most of the parents who want to apply for their child's passport.

Requirements for issue of a passport to a New-born child:

1.     one  passport-size recent photograph of the child.

2.     For Address proof Spouse's passport copy (First and last page including family details), (provided the applicant's present address matches the address mentioned in the spouses passport). Else please refer Passport office site for list of documents accepted as Address Proof.

3.     Copy of Birth Certificate issued by the hospital giving the name of the child and both parents (Original to be produced for verification)

4.     Copy of marriage certificate of parents (original to be produced for verification). If mother’s name is entered in father’s passport or vice-versa, the marriage certificate need not be submitted.

5.     An affidavit signed by both parents.(Annexure "H")

1. )  Photo Requirements

For New born and child upto the age of 4 yrs there is a requirement to carry 1 passport photograph. The photograph which we carry is scanned and then returned back  by the  Passport processing Associate in the passport seva kendra.

Photographs must meet requirements below :

ü  be a close-up of the head and shoulders

ü  show the candidate looking straight at the camera

ü  show the candidate with mouth closed

ü  show the candidate with eyes open and clearly visible

Affidavit :

please follow the link

this annexure is to be taken in plain paper and just needs the signature of parents only.

Booking Appointment Slot:

once you are ready with the above set of documents. Login to

create a login user name and password in the site.

Either you can fill the form online or offline by downloading the form. once you are logged in through username and password.

after submitting the application you can fix the appointment time with PSK.

All Tatkal slots for next day are opened one day before. be ready to book the slot at 8 a.m. Slots are on first come first serve basis.

steps for getting passport.

1) Arrange all necessary Documents

2) fix up an appointment at PSK

3) Be available at the psk office at the given Appointment time. (my suggestion take slots avbl in morning. by chance if some documents are required you can go and arrange for it.)

4) Visit token issue counter first. Associate  verifies all documents and then issues token.

5) collect the token and enter inside to the Waiting lounge. TV Displays are provided. It displays token number and subsequent counter number u to visit.

6) A=>B=>C=>   are the three stages one has to pass through for granting of passport

A=> Passport Processing zone (here associate checks and uploads all your supporting documents into the server and captures the photograph for adult or scans the photo in case of Infants). in psk sai arcade 27 A counters are available.

once it is done u are sent to V.O (verification officer) to B counters.

B=> Verification Officer verifies all documents

then he sends the file to C (Granting Zone)

C=> Granting officer finally verifies once again and if all docs are perfect. He Grants the passport.

once  Granting is done passport reaches your Home in less than 5 days.

Notes :

 Make sure Birth certificate is perfect.

Child name on Passport application and birth certificate are same.
Fathers and Mothers name mentioned in child Birth certificate exactly matches to the names of parents as mentioned in their Passports.

Address in Birth certificate, Applicants Passport Address and one of the parents Passport are inline.
Double make sure all names and addresses you mention in the application  and supporting documents have consistency.
thanks  for going through this post please do put your comments..

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  1. Very good info....I got exactly what I needed to know only from your link...thanks for posting this in such detail...

    1. thanks,please let me know any new information or changes in the procedures in order to update this page.

  2. Does the infant have to be personally present at the passport office (PSK) or can the parents go on baby's behalf?

  3. Yes, Infant has to be personally present at the PSK

  4. Thanks Pramod. Got the appointment after a month of trying! Let's see how it goes

  5. Thanks Pramod. i have one doubt. in my and my wife passport, AP address is there and my kid Birth certificate holds AP address. we have residence proofs in Bangalore. Shall i apply passport for my kid with bangalore address ??

  6. How long does it take under tatkal scheme?

  7. Very usefull infor !! .. thanks a ton ..